Lost Worlds

An international team of leading scientists embark on an extraordinary adventure.


This eclectic and characterful group of men and women – combined with the highly skilled crews of the ship and remote diving vehicles - form a rich cast of talent and story as they journey for weeks at a time on board the research vessel. They have been handpicked to achieve the technical and scientific goals of the expedition. Their work, both on board the ship and further research and exploration on land, bring the challenges of expedition life vividly to the screen.

Professor Jon Adams

Maritime archaeologist, professional diver and artist, famed for his role in the raising of the Mary Rose. The expedition’s Chief Scientist, he is an inspirational and can-do leader, expert in strategic planning.

Dr Kroum Batchvarov

Bulgarian maritime archaeologist who focuses on the Black Sea and 17th century seafaring. He has been enthralled by historical sailing ships for as long as he can remember and is the expedition’s ‘go-to' expert for recognising the shattered wrecks in the abyss.

Dr Rodrigo Pacheco-Ruiz

Specialist in prehistoric maritime societies, keenly interested in exploring new ways of understanding deep-sea archaeological sites. Leader of onboard archaeological computing analysis and modelling and at the heart of the expedition.

Dr Helen Farr

An expert in submerged prehistoric landscapes, colonisation and the earliest evidence for seafaring. Helen has worked on projects in seas and oceans around the world, is a commercial diver and keen sailor.

Dr Kalin Dimitrov

Kalin’s wish is to ensure the expedition is a fitting memory to the remarkable achievements of his fellow archaeologist, Hristina Angelova, inspirational Bulgarian science team leader who died in 2016.

Dr Joakim Holmlund

Offshore Manager in the survey company MMT, the Swedish physicist designs new tools for archaeologists and ensures the smooth running of a complex expedition delivering to the needs of world class science.

Valentine Lanfumey

French hydrographic surveyor, MMT crew member and committed environmentalist. Amongst a predominantly male crew, Valentine more than keeps up with the toughest of the deck hands.

Brian Gåre

As an ROV pilot and engineer, Brian is a key member of the tightly knit crew. A man with as many stories as he has piloting skills - he considers this expedition the highlight of a 16-year career in maritime surveying.

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